Mohamed A. Alhamrani & Co. Intertrade L.T.D.
Mohamed A. Alhamrani & Co. Intertrade L.T.D.



Sheikh Ahmad A.Alhamrani

Welcome to Mohamed Ali Alhamrani & Co. Intertrade Ltd.’s (AIT).
Having played a leading role in the commercial development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since the 1950s, the Alhamrani family has been guided by the visionary leadership of AITs founders and is one we continue to support and grow today. Established in 2002, AIT was formed around the growing need to tackle the changing demands of the Kingdom’s infrastructural and economic landscape.

Already a significant contributor in its industry, AIT’s aim to be a globally recognized leader in the industrial and heavy machinery field and we are going from strength to strength in this endeavour. With an average annual growth rate of 22 per cent and an ever increasing portfolio of top names and brands adding to our expanding partner portfolio, AIT stands poised for even further growth, development and success.

Over the years we have learnt that, in order to progress, it is crucial to have both a clear vision and to stay-the-course on your mission and objectives. We have done this through a combination of nurturing every partnership and relationship we enter into and by empowering the multiple stakeholders in our business as well as our own interests. In doing so, AIT has produced a solid platform from which all further opportunity, growth and prosperity can be based.

I believe our success comes from an unswerving belief and dedication of all our management and staff to produce and deliver on quality – from our business partnerships to our stakeholders, to our customer relations and public commitments to the wider Saudi community.

We look forward to upholding and demonstrating that quality standard and serving you further, now and well into the future.