Mohamed A. Alhamrani & Co. Intertrade L.T.D.
Mohamed A. Alhamrani & Co. Intertrade L.T.D.


Our core values are at the heart of everything we do. They are a constant reminder of how we should plan and operate.

The following values are our guiding principles:

• Honesty: Honesty drives our daily thinking, whether internal or external. Business ethics are a priority.
• Respect: Respect for our stakeholders, employees and the environment.
• Passionate: Without passion no business will grow or prosper. It is the fire that drives us.
• Loyalty: We believe that loyalty comes from within. It is neither bought nor traded. Our culture is built on loyalty – past, present and future.
• Customer Centric: Customers make or break our business. Being close to our customers, understanding their needs and finding solutions is non-negotiable.
• Innovation: What is new today is old tomorrow. We believe in investing in the most advanced tools, systems and procedures.
• Stewardship: From vision to implementation, progressive thinking and visionary leadership is what guides us.